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LIBRARY SHOWS                 Call 813-249-7325

Get ready for our 2018 Summer Library Program...
This show is built around the 2018 Summer Library Theme: Libraries Rock!
Libraries Rock With Magic is a fun and exciting blend of amazing magic, laughter, storytelling, and a lot of audience participation into a wonderful musical themed show!

We will even have a visit from our magical friend Sir Woofalot from Barksdale.

This is sure to be a musical, magical concert of Fun!

Library books are used throughout the show and a “Book List” of all books referenced in the show is available.

This year’s list of libraries will increase, so the most popular summer dates fill up fast -- usually before December.
Please CALL NOW to reserve your special date before the music stops and you don’t have a chair!

BOOK EARLY As Our Calendar Fills Up FAST!
Call 813-249-7325  to reserve your date.
Be sure to see our other shows that are available for your summer programs or throughout the year.
We performed our 2017 Summer Library Shows at the following libraries:
Charles Fendig, Egypt Lake, Jan Platt, North Tampa, Robinson Partnership at Sulphur Springs and the Southshore Library.

THANK YOU to all the great Librarians and Staff that I met!  
Everyone had a GREAT, FUN time!

Dear Librarian,
Do you want your Summer Programs to be a huge success?

Do you want a Program that is a "themed" presentation that will stimulate reading?  

KenTastic creates, writes and presents unique, fun, family oriented programs that are specifically designed for libraries!
They feature books from the library and KenTastic even posts the Reading List on this website for easy access.
GREAT NEWS! We have a Library Shows that are educational, amazing and fun! Shows that all your children and adults will love.

KenTastic combines astonishinng magic with puppetry and music to create a great show that everyone will enjoy.

Kentastic came to our home for my daughter’s Christmas Party and was prompt, professional and the girls loved him. He was interactive, entertaining and added something special and memorable to the gathering.  We will have him again in the future.   Denise Stephens

As a bonus, KenTastic provides you with a Reading List of the books talked about in the show that you can give to parents and children to stimulate their reading and use of the library!  That list is also on this website for easy access at any time.

At the end of the show, we give all the children some special items (for example, a coloring sheet) that they can take home to show their parents that they saw a magic show at the library today.

Please call to book your show immediately as KenTastic's calendar is filling fast.
813-249-7325  or if you are in Hillsborough County, contact Melissa Falvey, Principal Librarian to coordinate scheduling.

KenTastic's special blend of comedy and magic make for an AMAZING program that parents love as much as the children.

All our shows have all the children laughing and having a good time. Even the parents will enjoy our show. KenTastic gets all the children involved and participating in the magic.  

For reliable educational entertainment call Ken Spanola Magic, LLC at 813-249-7325.
Kentastic was entertaining from the start to finish.  I never saw 20   5 year old's in a room so engaged in a show as I did with Ken's magic show.  The kids loved every minute of it.   Shalin Shah

Ken Spanola Magic, LLC has a Level 2 Security Clearance so security is not a problem.

You will LOVE how easy it is to work with KenTastic as he brings everything he needs to make your program a success. Backdrops, a professional sound system, magic illusions, puppets and props are all taken care of by Ken Spanola Magic.  Any necessary paperwork is promptly completed and returned by KenTastic and he always arrives early to make sure everything is just perfect for you and your guests. You have NO worries with Ken Spanola Magic.

Ready, Set, READ! Magic Show
“Ready, Set, READ!” is an exciting magic show where everyone is taken on a magical adventure to far away lands.
We use our imagination to travel to the Wild West, the Middle East (Aladdin and Princess Jasmine), the Seven Seas for a Pirate Adventure and we will even have a visit from Debbie Dragon for our visit with wizards and dragons!

Each adventure is tied to a different library book and a "Book List" is available.
Magical Adventures In Reading! Library Show

The Building America Magic Show

"The Building America Magic Show" is NOW ready to excite, educate and AMAZE!
2017 Library Show
This show features KenTastic's amazing magic and stories to talk about:
  • American Architecture, focusing on local architecture.
  • American architects like Thomas Jefferson (he was not only the author of the Declaration of Independence, he was the designer of many buildings) and Frank Lloyd Wright
  • A fun visit from our friend Chucky Carpenter!
  • ReDuce, ReUse & ReCYCLE
  • FUN, Laughter and a lot of audience participation
  • Books are displayed and referenced throughout the show to stimulate reading.
    You can download a "Reading List" of books referenced in our show that you are free to copy and distribute as you wish.
  • And So MUCH MORE!

KenTastic combines magic, humor, puppetry, music, stories and books into a 60 minute fun show that everyone will LOVE.
Be sure to look at our other Library shows that are available.

Please contact Kentastic at 813-249-7325 to answer any questions or to reserve your show date.
FunTastic Magic Show!

Our “FunTastic Magic Show!” is a FUN, family friendly magic show that is perfect for your library.

KenTastic's Funtastic Magic Show is GREAT!
It is customized for summer programs and is completely different for Holidays, reward programs or special events at your library.
This show is usually 45 minutes in length, but can be customized, based on your needs.

This is an exciting, fun magic show that has a lot of audience participation.

To help you promote the show, I provide an advertising poster that you can download. This poster can be printed and displayed in advance to advertise the show for maximum attendance.

I understand we are dealing with tight budgets and cutbacks, that's why I have kept prices reasonable so everyone can afford to enjoy my programs.

Please call 813-249-7325 for our affordable program pricing. I offer a discount for multiple shows!

Ask about our "Magic Of Reading" program and workshop.  This is a fantastic way to promote reading at your library.
This 6-7 week program starts with a Magic Show to stimulate interest in reading.
The program has weekly reading challenges, Magic Kit giveaways, and concludes with a Magic Workshop where we teach all the tricks in the Magic Kit.  

Call for pricing at 813-249-7325.

Anti Bully and Cooperation Message
Be A Friend Magic Show

Our “Be A Friend” program is not only fun, but very educational.

KenTastic uses amazing magic and audience participation to illustrates and reinforce key anti-bullying messages.
Our Be A Friend Show has a strong Anti-Bully and Cooperation message that we illustrate with amazing magic.

KenTastic combines magic, humor, puppetry, music, and stories into a 60 minute fun show.

  • Friends Care, Friends Share
  • Being a good friend means making good choices
  • Pick good friends, you’ll be happy to the end
  • You and me are just the same
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