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Fundraising Events
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How would you like to raise TWICE as much money for your fundraiser and do 1/4 of the work?
How would you like to have a fundraising event where you're not worried about stocking wrapping paper or candy bars?

Our AMAZING, fun, and exciting Family Magic Show is the answer! We would present our amazing show in the evening.  Your group would sell tickets to their relatives, friends and anyone who wants to have fun! It's that simple.

PLUS you can make even MORE Money by selling refreshments (cold drinks/water, popcorn, candy, etc) before and during intermission.
Make money with magical fundraising.
The best part is -- YOU KEEP ALL THE PROCEEDS! **

For example, if 300 people buy show tickets, you are looking at a possible profit of at LEAST $3,000 for VERY little work on your part.
Your PTA will LOVE this idea.

I charge a flat fee for my professional Magic Show.    All you have to do is sell tickets to the show!  
If you sell refreshments before the show and during intermission (90 Minute Show Only), that profit is ALL YOURS! And if you get the refreshments donated, that is an even bigger profit.
** After Show Fee Is Paid.
Ken Spanola Magic does all the heavy lifting.
  • I bring the entire Show
  • Do all my setup on your stage
  • Provide the Sound System.
  • Then I perform the show and return the stage back to the condition I found it.

To help you promote the show, I will provide a promotional flyer that you can download. You can add your Show information and then use it as advertising. You can use the flyer for any TV, Radio or print advertisement associated with the show that you want -- royalty free.

I will also do a Promotional Show at your school during school hours, prior to the stage show to get all the children excited about coming to the show and bringing their friends and family!  This will help your ticket sales.
Here is a possible example:
90 Minute Stage Show
School sells 300 tickets at $15 each$4,500
Refreshments (gross estimate)
[Note: This will increase if refreshments are donated]
Total Income:$4,750
Subtract my performance and promotion show fee and you have an approximate profit of $3,600
The more tickets you sell, the more profit you get!
Selling tickets to a fantastic Magic Show is much easier than selliing magazines or candy door-to-door!  

Call Ken Spanola Magic at 813-249-7325 to discuss details on how we can really increase your fundraising profit.
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