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Children's Shows
Children's Show FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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General Questions
FAQ Question
What magic tricks do you do in your show?
My Answer
All the illusions I use in my show are unique. Just because you have seen a performer do a trick with a piece of rope, does not mean you have seen my rope routine. All my tricks are customized for the audience for whom I am performing. There is NEVER any blue material and is always suitable for family audiences. ALL my shows have loads of audience participation that keeps everyone involved in the magic, a lot of laughter, excitement and everyone having tons of FUN! Actually, Magic Tricks are only part of the show -- ENTERTAINMENT and FUN are what makes a show Magical. Be sure you hire a Professional Magician and not just someone who can do a magic trick. After all, Uncle Joe can do a magic trick or two but I wouldn't have him entertain my friends.

FAQ Question
What is the price of your magic show?
My Answer
I have several wonderful magical show packages. Price is dependent on the show package that is best for you, the show location and the number of guests at the show. And yes, there is an additional fee for outside shows. This is a special event for you and your guests -- make sure you hire a professional entertainer who is reliable and makes your event memorable for all the right reasons. I have heard horror stories where a performer (and I use that term loosely) takes an engagement for a low price and when a higher paying job comes along they cancel the lower paying gig, sometimes hours before the event. We will NEVER do that! We are committed to providing reliable, quality entertainment that exceeds your expectations. See our Mission Statement.

FAQ Question  Are you insured?
My Answer
YES. We carry full liability insurance with a national carrier.

FAQ Question What do I need to provide for you to do your show?
My AnswerNOTHING!! I bring EVERYTHING I need to put on a FANTASTIC magic show for you and your guests!

FAQ Question How much room do you need for your show?
My Answer I can perform in an area as small as 4' (deep) x 8' (wide), plus the audience seating area in front. Having a solid “wall” behind me is appreciated to help protect your guests and my equipment. Having the audience seated in front and not on the sides of the performing area makes for a better viewing. But, the performing area depends on the type of show. If it is a stage show, I use larger props, so a larger performing space would be nice. For family or children's shows, a space big enough to allow the children to sit on the floor or ground in front of the performing area is needed. Chairs are not necessary for the children, but can be placed BEHIND the children's sitting area FOR THE ADULTS! I recommend the adults be close to the children so they can ENJOY the show and be part of the fun! I will need 15 - 30 minutes of uninterrupted time prior to the show to set-up.

FAQ QuestionDo I need to do anything special before you arrive?
My Answer If I am performing on stage, be sure the performing area is clear and appropriate lighting is working properly and turned on. If I am performing in a home, please be sure all toys are picked up and all animals are secured in another room. Please note that I am allergic to cats.

FAQ Question My party is outside. Do I need to do anything different?
My Answer We prefer Indoor events if at all possible. My reasoning is that audiences are more comfortable, have less distractions and are more attentive when in a controlled environment (inside). Your guests and you, will enjoy the show a lot more in a comfortable environment where they aren't distracted by insects (biting), airplanes or loud cars going by or neighbors mowing their lawn. If this is an outdoor event, you should always have alternate indoor plans in case of rain, wind or extreme heat – 85 degrees or hotter. Please pick up the doggie do-do to avoid an accident. Please have a large blanket(s) or a large plastic tarp for the children to sit. Chairs for the adults is your call.

FAQ QuestionDo you have animals in your show?
My Answer Not anymore. We used to work with some beautiful white doves (see the picture gallery) but no longer do. Because of bird allergies and diseases, we no longer have them in the act. We no longer work with rabbits, gerbils, mice or any other animals that can scratch or bite a child. Although there are some very docile rabbits who are very cute, the possibility (especially as the rabbit gets older), no matter how minimal the chance that a child could be injured is more than we like. We care enough about the safety and security of all the children to refuse to do anything that could put any of them in harms way.

FAQ Question What is the youngest age group that you perform for?
My AnswerUsually Three (3) years old is the youngest because of their attention span. Read some of my testimonials where parents are amazed that I could keep the children entertained and SEATED for my entire show! If the birthday child is younger than three (3), I will perform if the audience has other children ages 3 and up. One and two year olds could care less about anyone performing. If the show is for all 3 year olds, I would suggest my 30 minute Deluxe Funtastic Show to get the most bang for your buck.

FAQ Question What are your children's show packages?
My Answer Please see my Children's Show Description page for details.

FAQ Question Can I take pictures at the show?
My AnswerDEFINITELY!!!! Charge up the batteries as there are MANY photo opportunities to take pictures during the show. We encourage you to take all the pictures you like of this fun event. I would love to add YOUR picture(s) to my Picture Gallery. Just email them to me and I'll add them for all to see (WOW - that even rhymes).

FAQ Question Can I videotape your show?
My AnswerYes and NO. Yes you can tape portions of my show -- but taping the ENTIRE show is prohibited due to the use of copyrighted material. You can videotape the audience as much as you want. After all, it's their smiling faces you want to remember.

FAQ Question Can you provide referrals?
My Answer95% of my shows are for private clients and I respect their privacy. Therefore, I do not release client phone numbers and I won't release your information either. However, some of my clients have generously provided input on my shows. Please refer to my Testimonials page to view their comments.

FAQ Question Are you reliable?
My Answer YES!!!  We will show up at your party early to set up and make sure everything is in order for a GREAT Show!
For added security, KenTastic has his Level 2 Security clearance from the state of Florida. That means have been fingure printed and a background search has been made. With this clearance, I am able to perform in any Florida Public or Private School.

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